LA Rams: Fully vax’d Coach Kevin Carberry tests positive for COVID-19

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams may be mask-free and COVID-19 compliant, but folks, it’s a long way to Tipperary (or so goes the song). The world changed for us all in 2020, and even as we race to embrace normalcy in 2021, that normalcy seems to be a bit elusive. You see, the hope is that getting two doses of the available Moderna or Pfizer coronavirus vaccines will immunize recipients from contracting the highly contagious disease.

Well, if that is true, then Houston we have a problem. Newly hired offensive line coach Kevin Carberry is not present at the LA Rams training camp. It seems that he has tested positive for COVID-19, and is now subject to quarantining until he is asymptomatic and has two negative tests in a 24 hour period.

The information surfaced today per ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry, who relayed the information per the LA Rams head coach Sean McVay himself. Curiously, to the surprise of some, this information states decisively that Carberry has indeed been fully vaccinated.

That does create a bit of a new wrinkle to all of this, doesn’t it? When the reports arrived about rookie WR Tutu Atwell, many comments on social media and in fan forums were rather harsh and shameful. The consensus among many who seemed compelled to weigh in came to a conclusion that the only way to test positive is to be unvaccinated.

This seems to call that logic into question, doesn’t it? If Carberry is indeed fully vaccinated, as stated by HC McVay, then the status of Tutu Atwell’s vaccination is unclear as well.  Perhaps the rush to judge others is not the best approach? I am no expert, but the more we learn the more we realize what we truly do not know.

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Wherever you fall on this issue, one thing is clear. The timing of Coach Carberry’s absence comes at a pretty poorly timed moment. The LA Rams must cycle through multiple iterations of the offensive line to determine which is the best group of starters. That decision will depend heavily upon the offensive line coach’s recommendations.  So a bit of consternation from the LA Rams training camp so far. But championship teams arise from consternation. Looks like all this team needs to do is to rise above it now.