LA Rams: Timely tight end training camp talk

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Johnny of all trades

Of course, whenever you are talking about the LA Rams tight ends, you can’t avoid talking about the team’s swiss army knife tight end, Johnny Mundt. After all, despite the lack of highlight reels and huge chunks of yardage, Mundt seems to deliver in ways that make it virtually impossible for the LA Rams to part ways with the guy.

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Let’s face it. If you needed that one guy to call upon to deliver in almost any way conceivable on a football field, Johnny Mundt would be a great go-to guy. Lost in all of the discussion about the December 2019 performance of Tyler Higbee is the equally important role of tight end Johnny Mundt.  Prior to December of that year, Mundt had just 63 offensive snaps. He almost tripled that amount in December. But he was only three of five passes for 17 yards. What else did he do?

Whatever Coach McVay asked of him. And whatever it was helped Higbee catch the ball, and running back Todd Gurley run and score with the football. In a team sport, player contributions should not be measured individually.

Mundt steps up to do the dirty work, that thankless task of blocking so that others can move the ball forward, and move the chains with it.  But sometimes, especially when the Chicago Bears are in town, Mundt gets to play real offense. Those are the moments I particularly enjoy because you can see the extra bounce in his stride when that happens.

In 2020, Johnny Mundt caught three for three passes thrown his way against the Bears for 48 yards. He only was targeted one other time for the rest of the year. In fact, Mundt has started against the Bears for two consecutive seasons. Will he start in the 2021 season opener?  If he does, you should be prepared for anything