LA Rams: Stafford’s eyes highlight Week 1 Training camp recap

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Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports /

Matthew Stafford

The expectations of Matthew Stafford’s arrival to this LA Rams offense have admittedly been pretty lofty. The reason for that is clearly the arrival of veteran Matthew Stafford. It seems that many NFL analysts have hypothesized that the combination of quarterback Matthew Stafford’s innovative and deceptive style of quarterback play and head coach Sean McVay’s complex multi-layered offensive assault may resonate well enough to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Based on early evidence from training camp, that hypothesis is well on its way to graduating into a theory.

Stafford is more than a big booming arm. He is the maestro, the famous conductor whose snap rhythmic directions to the offensive orchestra around him elevates their play to the highest crescendos, the perfect pitch, the ability to direct all elements of a symphony with perfect precision simultaneously.  Need more visual evidence?

Sure, it’s just a track meet right now. Sneakers, shorts, tee shirts, and that flung football finding its way to the hands of a receiver. Pretty standard stuff, right?  So what makes this so different? Well, for starters, there is a lot of zippiness and spiral on that flung football.  It is heading straight for a specific spot at a specific interval of time.

Must Read. Matthew Stafford’s can’t hide his lyin’ eyes, and the LA Rams love it. light

But it’s the ability of Stafford to look one way and throw another that truly has me feeling rather hopeful and confident this morning.  Matthew Stafford’s lying eyes, the NFL equivalent to sawing a magician’s assistant in half, has a lot of positive potential in this offense.

It’s already getting oohs and aahs from wide receivers and from defensive backs alike. This feels very much like a great fit, even knowing that it’s without pads and is very early.