LA Rams: Stafford’s eyes highlight Week 1 Training camp recap

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The new season means a new defensive coordinator, the LA Rams third in the past three seasons. While this one is a new DC in Raheem Morris, the basic defensive philosophy and scheme will be similar.  This defense will remain deceptive in the looks presented to opposing quarterbacks, will make use of versatile multi-role players on defense, and will emphasize pass defense while still keeping a strong eye to stopping the run.

Some fear that the LA Rams defense may not be as stout this year. Perhaps. But until pads go on, don’t discount this group.  And you can never rule out a defense led by Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. But they are not the only stars this year. Darious Williams is peaking in another contract year and is already showing up huge.

Jalen Ramsey sat down with J.B. Long, D’Marco Farr, and Sarina Morales and talked about training camp and the Rams defense outlook for the upcoming season. Ramsey sounds very confident, and we are just as confident about good things from the unit as long as everyone stays healthy.

Rising stars

While the Rams are getting back into the swing of things, both Jalen Ramsey (above) and Darious Williams (below) have made it a point to praise the work of defensive back Robert Rochell. If you recall, Rochell is an extremely athletic defensive back whose measurements have aligned very closely to that of teammate Jalen Ramsey. Now, he must learn how to apply that talent on the football field, and he’s already making great progress.

That’s good news, but so is the news about second-year defensive back Terrell Burgess. He’s put on quite a display so far, getting involved in breaking up passes as well as an early pick-six. While we don’t have the scorecards held by coaches, we have to believe that Burgess is certainly in the running to start at the safety position alongside fellow rookie classmate of the 2020 NFL Draft, Jordan Fuller.

We’ll need to have a bit of patience to get a bead on defensive linemen and linebackers. Those roles typically sort themselves out after players put on the pads. We are eager to see where rookies Bobby Brown III and Ernest Jones fall as training camp progresses.