LA Rams: Stafford’s eyes highlight Week 1 Training camp recap

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While it’s all still very early and there are plenty of decisions to be made, plays to be run, pads to be donned, and pecking order to be slotted, these first few days to the LA Rams Training Camp have plenty of reasons to be optimistic. Even as the LA Rams have had to endure some disappointing news, this is a well-constructed roster with plenty of thought placed into off-season additions.

Two weeks to the first preseason game, two weeks after that to the final preseason game and roster adjustments, and then two weeks after that for the first game of the season. Football is truly back, folks, and it’s about to get very fast and very detailed very quickly.

If you were looking for indications of the more explosive aspects of this LA Rams offense, and an ability to score a ton of points? You have some things to hang your hat on. If you are hopeful that this LA Rams defense has not wilted in the offseason, and will be just as stout as ever, you have some things to have that hat on as well.

No doubt you are concerned about the Rams running game. But perhaps QB Matthew Stafford can reassure you:

"“I think I have a lot of belief and a lot of trust in the guys that we have in that locker room and on the coaching staff to no matter who’s back there, we’re going to have a successful running game,” Stafford told reporters Sunday. “Really the biggest gut punch was for the kid. I think it’s so difficult. I dealt with injuries my first couple of years. Really throughout your career, you end up doing it here in the NFL. So, that one’s obviously a tough one and one that’s going to take some time. So I really feel for him, more so than I do us as a team. I know we’ll miss him out there. He’s a great player, but just feel bad for him to not get the opportunity to go out there and play the game that I know he loves to play. We’ll do everything we can to make him proud.” – Matthew Stafford as per’s Adam Maya"

The LA Rams running attack will be fine. Whether or not you believe that someone will step up, someone will. Right now, the needle seems to be leaning towards a very athletic rookie Jake Funk as a name to remember for the Rams backfield. We’ll see.

These LA Rams have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time.  But the biggest areas of concern seem to be falling into place. The Rams face a new season, new and refreshed opponents, and the team has set its sights higher than ever before. Right now, this feels like a team that is getting tighter by the minute, a group of NFL players complimenting and respecting one another surprisingly quickly. Health will surely play a significant role for this team in 2021, but that applies to any year and to all teams.

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Seriously now. If this is the team that NFC West teams must face, I would be more than a little bit concerned. Even right now, as is, this team appears to have addressed huge deficiencies from last year’s team without sacrificing any of last year’s strengths. One for the historic books. So far, so good.