LA Rams: The X factor of RB Xavier Jones could mean starting role

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Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports /

Okay, the LA Rams are running this training camp with a lot on their plate. There’s the need to find a starting offensive line configuration. There’s another need to synch up new quarterback Matthew Stafford with the rest of the offense. There are a host of matters with a new defensive coordinator. And there is even competition on special teams.

So far, that seems like a pretty jam-packed suitcase full of things to do, right. Well, add one more item to the list. The team needs to find a guy who can run that ball between the tackles. Not just any guy. After all, Darrell Henderson did an admirable job handling the football last year, so he will be doing what he does best. That is, he will be handling the ball to the outside, attacking the defense’s perimeter, softening up the edges for the passing game.  The Rams’ other priority is finding someone to handle all the between the tackle stuff.

That priority arose from the moment that second-year running back Cam Akers suffered an injury that ended his season before it ever began.

After amassing a strong supporting cast of overlooked thoroughbreds, the LA Rams are now setting out to determine which of the four remaining and healthy set of legs they will be pairing with veteran Darrell Henderson to handle the ground game.

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The team is still shorts and tee shirts so far, which makes the challenge a bit more complicated. So how can they rank their rushers without the physicality of real football? Very carefully.