LA Rams: Darrell Henderson is offense’s adrenaline

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Small doses yield bigger effects

Another way to get your arms around the LA Rams challenge over how much to play Darrell Henderson this season is to use another analogy, one with a medical spin. Darrell Henderson is two-legged adrenaline for the LA Rams offense. When he kicks in, everyone is energized and revitalized. But you can’t put the entire offense on high alert for 60 minutes week in and week out.

This is a 17 game season. Henderson will need to be dolled out in some objective and logical fashion. This guy is a competitor. He’s run as hard as he can as often as he can. That’s what should be expected of him. It’s up to the LA Rams to limit his carries to a steady healthy amount.

Of course, Darrell Henderson is 100 percent all competitor. He wants the ball. He wants to run. And he will. As often as the LA Rams ask him to.

In the video above, Henderson replied: “I would just go out and play. Do me and play the game the way I play it and trust the other guys on the field with me.”

Henderson is good for this ‘meted out’ role. He has a good relationship with his teammates, and he knows that football will find its way to his hands. He offers so much in terms of offensive versatility that he truly is a very dangerous weapon. A dangerous weapon with a limited number of charges.   A dangerous weapon with a limited number of charges who needs the right conditions to showcase his talents.

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The LA Rams will need to pair him up with a more physical running back, a masher who loves to pound it in the red zone, between the tackles, and against physical defenses. Those aren’t Henderson’s cup of tea.