LA Rams: Matthew Stafford, zip, injuries, birds and QBees

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The QBees

The LA Rams’ current quarterback situation is far more concerning this year than a year ago. Even as the team upgraded to a move seasoned veteran in Matthew Stafford, the value of Stafford to his next in line backup is far greater. The Rams must know that if Stafford falls, the chances of success plummet as well.

The team is good with quarterbacks, it really is. The problem is that it is a very sophisticated system that needs a very sophisticated quarterback. Even longtime LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff fell into disappointing patterns of getting rid of the ball so quickly that it forced him to throw to the checkdown receiver, rather than hurling the ball downfield to the receiver who would become open.

This video analysis breaks it down very well.

What we found in the LA Rams offense with Goff under center was a young quarterback who was not patient enough to allow the play to develop, and he chose to go the safe route by throwing it for small or no gains.

That same pattern developed with backup quarterback John Wolford under center. But rather than throwing to a checkdown receiver, Wolford chose to pull the football down and run. That resulted in some first downs and glorious running plays. But it also placed one of the most valuable offensive players on the football field in harm’s way.  While Wolford escaped injury against the Arizona Cardinals in his first NFL start, it found him in his second starter, the Wildcard Round of the NFL Playoffs. Thankfully, a still-injured Goff was able to come into the game and win it in relief.