LA Rams: Travin Howard leads stiffer ILB competition in 2021

Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports /

There is a lot of concern right now about the LA Rams production at the inside linebacker position. And it’s global. At least, that is how I interpret having a midday conversation with an LA Rams fan who just happens to live in Biarritz, France. He shared the fact that he is somewhat concerned about the LA Rams inside linebacker position for 2021.  It was a pleasant discussion that included topics like attending a Rams game at Sofi Stadium, the best nightclubs in Paris, and the fact that the LA Rams have some question marks at offensive line and linebacker positions this year.

You know, pretty standard stuff. At least for a social media discussion between two persons who are practically living half a world apart, that is. But that conversation triggered a thought, and a thought triggered a sentence, and another article found its way through my keyboard to my online publishing software.

We should talk about this LA Rams linebacking crew. The heart of the defense this season will need to elevate their game to compensate for the loss of multiple defensive players to free agency. Until now, inside linebackers have been content to play productively behind the shadow of defensive lineman Aaron Donald. That was yesterday. This year, some player or players need to step outside that protective umbrella and lighten the load for Donald.

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Why should anyone believe that the LA Rams have gotten this inside linebacker crew any more prepared than last year’s group? Well, so glad that question came up. There are reasons why the linebackers are in a better position this year. Let’s explore some of those key bits of information that may have snuck into the dark recesses of your mind. So grab a flashlight, and let’s start an enlightening review of why this season will go a bit differently.