LA Rams: Sean McVay talks Matthew Stafford and reserve RBs

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Reserve running backs, no more

Now about those running backs, the topic turns that direction at the 1:40 mark of the video. The question is asked about the LA Rams reserve running backs who are trying to earn a spot behind Darrell Henderson and the response comes back from Coach McVay in a rather pleasant tone.

While there are some who believe that Jake Funk may be inching ahead of the pack, I don’t think so. Coach McVay has more than a year of history with running back Xavier Jones and was prepared to start him against the Arizona Cardinals if not for the miraculous recovery by Cam Akers after his high ankle sprain forced him to the bench against the Seattle Seahawks.

While he ran down the roster, McVay starter off with Jones, and I think it will take quite a bit to change that ranking.  He mentioned Jake Funk showing maturity, Raymond Calais with a couple of nice runs on the day, and ended with Otis Anderson, with an understanding that Anderson’s late arrival puts him in catch-up mode.

It’s still early and yes, there is a lot of training camp ahead for the team. We’ll get a sense of who is rising and who is falling when preseason games begin. Of course, McVay has already committed to keeping Henderson out, so it will fall to Jones and Funk, Calais and Anderson. I will be curious to see if, as the Rams determine who will share the load with Henderson, whether he will be pulled from further competition in preseason games, or will the Rams continue to put him onto the field?