LA Rams: OL shuffled, injured Jamil Demby out, Jeremiah Kolone in

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams did a bit of window dressing today to their offensive line. In a bit of change that certainly has a ring of familiarity to it, the LA Rams have released interior offensive lineman Jamil Demby and re-signed a former interior offensive lineman Jeremiah Kolone. Kolone was last with the LA Rams in December 2020 as a member of the team’s practice squad.

While this certainly will impact Demby’s immediate future, he is no stranger to being waived by the team. He was released after being drafted by the team in the 2018 NFL Draft in the sixth round. He signed on with the Detroit Lions for a stint before the LA Rams resigned him in December 2018. Demby was waived once more in 2020 but resigned to the team’s practice squad.

Per the team’s transaction announcement, the move was prompted by an unspecified injury to Demby.  And so, the front office gave Jamil Demby his walking papers and welcomed back Kolone.

In terms of depth charts or specific roles, Jeremiah Kolone has filled a similar role to that of Jamil Demby in the past. Due to his versatility, the 6-foot-5 321-pound Demby had been cross-trained at all five offensive line positions, and he was tapped as the emergency spare to fill in anywhere along that offensive line in case of player injury. Then, the team could regroup at practice and fill the gap with a more specialized offensive lineman.

Kolone, standing 6-foot-3, and 316 pounds was an interior offensive lineman who seemed to have a shot at competing for a larger role at the offensive center before he was waived in December 2020.

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With the need for experienced young offensive lineman in the NFL, this won’t be the last we hear from Jamil Demby.  And with the track record of the Rams, he could be back even as soon as later this year. For now, the Rams have made a change.