LA Rams Training Camp: Jake Funk and handling concern for RBs knees

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Opportunity knocks

The careers of NFL stars begin at the point where opportunity is created. It was the devastating hit to veteran quarterback Drew Bledsoe that launched the unrepeatable career of quarterback Tom Brady.  It’s the kernel of that opportunity that grows into NFL stardom. In the NFL, you can’t celebrate the opportunity. Getting a chance to play at the expense of a teammate falling to injury is no cause to celebrate.

But it opens the door. Perhaps the best tribute to a fallen comrade is to ensure that you are not letting them down. If the call is truly to be ‘team first’, then the success of that team is the priority no matter who is delivering the oomph. That’s what rookie running back Jake Funk must depend on.

There is not much of a track record for rookies being showcased on the LA Rams offense. Even rookies bursting with talent, like Cam Akers and Van Jefferson in 2020, found it difficult to sustain their share of snaps and plays. Head coach Sean McVay trusts his offense, but it takes time to earn his trust at the individual player level. That means that even with a solid training camp, the share of snaps may not come quickly for the rookie.


Funk is still showing up though, so don’t tell him the odds just yet.  He is showing his chops in both the running game and as a receiver out of the backfield. As long as that progress continues into and through preseason games, he’s got a shot at getting the football. After the 2020 season got the running game off to a huge start, the Rams will likely start the season with three running backs rotating in 2021 as well.