LA Rams: Tutu Atwell, Trishton Jackson, Jacob Harris and more McVay mentions

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Tutu Atwell is back

At the 2:20 mark, McVay was next asked to speak about how Tutu Atwell is working into the offense. McVay talked about a smart progression and then watching the rest of the day. McVay described even get him onto the field and familiarizing himself with lining up and running routes, hearing the terminology in the huddle, and breaking out of it to take his position.  McVay emphasized that he is a smart player but the team is easing him in because, as McVay put it:

"“We want to be smart with that progression because he’s been a hotel room for 10 days. (Reporter – Any noticeable weight gain or loss?) I haven’t seen too much of him. He looks jacked. Tutu is lean.” – Sean McVay talking about rookie wide receiver Tutu Atwell (see slide 1)"

The Rams won’t push a rookie to play before they prove that they have earned the right to do so, and that is especially true of offensive rookies. That all means that players like Atwell and Skowronek will have a heavier sled to pull.

Atwell has a lot of ground to make up, but he’s got several advantages. For starters, he was the first player drafted by the LA Rams in the 2021 NFL Draft. That gives the entire organization plenty of incentive to ensure that he makes the roster. Secondly, his speed and versatility make him a valuable weapon on both the offense and special teams units. Finally, he is a uniquely blessed player, and the opportunity to learn from WR DeSean Jackson will be a tremendous help to his NFL career.