LA Rams: 3 ways to improve QB depth in next 72 hours

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Waiver wire QBs:

The LA Rams typically sign players who have recently been cut by other teams, so of course, the first stop in our quarterback window shopping tour is to stop on over at the NFL waiver wire website. While the website will be bursting with player names very soon (in a month’s time) as teams pare down their rosters to get under the NFL 53-man roster ceiling, there are still some intriguing names to consider.

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6-foot-3 237-pound Jalen Morton (recently waived by Indianapolis Colts) is certainly one very intriguing candidate. He was originally signed by the Green Bay Packers in 2020 but he was waived at the end of training camp last year. He is a small school quarterback, having played at Prarie View A&M for four seasons. His 23 start yielded 372 of 694 completions, over 5,000 yards passing, and 42 touchdowns to 29 interceptions. He can run with the ball too, putting up over 1500 yards and 22 touchdowns rushing. He is a bigger, more durable mobile quarterback who has been associated with the Packers and Colts, two NFL clubs that have a keen eye for QB talent.

6-foot-4 205-pound Case Cookus (recently waived by Minnesota Vikings) is another intriguing candidate for consideration. He was added to the Vikings roster after three quarterbacks were assigned to their COVID-19/Reserve list. This hurler is a native of Thousand Oaks, California, and played for a small school football program as well, the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks. He was an astounding 891 of 1430 passes for 12,057 yards, 105 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions. He is a pocket passer, described as having a “lively arm” in his NFL Draft profile. While he did have some struggles staying healthy, his ability to sling the ball is eye-popping. He was an undrafted rookie signing by the New York Giants in 2020. He was also signed to the Denver Broncos in May 2021.

Both young men have been added and coached by other teams. In the NFL, it only takes one team, one culture, one coaching staff to unlock the NFL potential in a young man and set his career off correctly. Even if the Rams did add either of these candidates. he would certainly be more appropriately considered as a practice squad candidate for the 2021 NFL season. But even from that vantage point, the Rams would have the opportunity to coach them up throughout the course of the season to have options if the team needed an emergency backup for a game or two this year. It’s the cheapest option, but there are more options to go now.