LA Rams injury update: Cam Akers and the Rams running game

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Surgery likely already happened

The key to getting Cam Akers back quickly and fully healed may seem like an uphill battle. Of course, one of the keys to enhancing the chances of recovery is to ensure surgery occurs quickly after injury. The outside limit to that event is a 30-day window.  Recovery does not begin until after the surgery occurs, and until the surgery is concluded, there is no way to set the Rams timetable for a return to play.

Cam Akers remains in good spirits. That is a key to getting the optimal results from his recovery.

The key to the LA Rams running game up to snuff is to quickly diagnose what the LA Rams offense has on the roster. While everyone is counting on the legs of third-year veteran Darrell Henderson to handle the workload, I believe that a three-player rotation could develop for the Rams consisting of Darrell Henderson, Xavier Jones, and Jake Funk. That strategy could essentially lengthen the time to make a decision and would give the Rams offense time to determine which of the three is most effective and under which conditions.

Of course, that all works only if the Rams consider the current roster adequately staffed with rushing talent. So far, that is what we’ve seen and heard from the Rams both in their words and in their actions.