LA Rams: Best quotes from Isaac Bruce’s HOF speech

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Best quotes

The entire speech is worthwhile, and pulling out quotes should never replace the full context of a player’s speech.

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These quotes resonated with me, and so I thought that it made sense to highlight the quote, and give some background as to why it means so much today.

“I’d like to thank my Dad, Jessie Bruce, of Albany Georgia. Yes, and I’m so grateful that he moved to South Florida.” (2:23-2:34 mark)

Isaac Bruce’s love of football began and was nurtured by his time at Dillard High School, which he later refers to as the Standard of South Florida. Isaac Bruce graduated high school in 1990.

I’d like to thank my Mother, Carita Bruce, of West Palm Beach Florida. That union produced 15 wonderful children. I’ve got 14 brothers and sisters, and they are represented here tonight.”  (2:40-2:50 mark)

Modern families have lost all awareness of what big families used to mean. Today, a couple who bring four children into the world are large families. In the 1960s and 1970s, families with four children were considered quite small. Large families learned early about sharing, responsibilities, how to compromise. While modern families all have a smartphone in each family members’ pocket, those families of yesteryear were forced to share one landline phone, one television, one automobile, and the family all ate the same meal side by side at the dinner table. Yes, things were different then.