LA Rams: Best quotes from Isaac Bruce’s HOF speech

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Mic drop quote

Everyone has to face a disbeliever in their life at some point. But if you are like me, you would have loved to have pointed out the egg on their face in a gold jacket from an NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony acceptance speech.

To the nameless voice who called me two weeks before the draft in 1994 to let me know that the NFL wasn’t checking for me, that they didn’t like me. They liked more of NFL legend Bert Emanuel and Ryan Yarborough. I know you’re alive. I know you’re listening. I prayed that God would keep you alive to this day. So, my message to you is:  How do you like me now?” (5:00 – 5:40  mark)

My goodness, talk about dropping the mike with a boom! How do you like me now, nearly 30 years after the fact? Holy smokes, not only did he make defensive backs dine on his dust on the football field, but he made some disrespectful scout eat crow 30 years after the fact.

Well played, Isaac Bruce, well played.

Isaac Bruce is one of a kind.

Julius Erving “Doctor J” for always saying ‘God did it’ before he gave an interview, that left an impression on me.“(7:17-7:23 mark)

At that time, there was a generally accepted custom among professional athletes to be thankful to God for the blessing of being gifted with exceptional athleticism. Athletes had a ticket to fame, money, and an opportunity for a better way of life. It was less about the celebrity status of today, and was more of a way for athletes at that time to remain grounded and remain invested in their community.

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Isaac Bruce is a beloved member of the Rams organization. But he is a lifelong legend of the franchise, and he is finally wrapped in the gold jacket, that he has deserved from the moment he hung up his cleats.