6 surprise omissions from LA Rams first depth chart

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There is no shocker that the LA Rams have the rookie tight end, Jacob Harris, behind Tyler Higbee and Johnny Mundt. After all, he was a wide receiver in college, is transitioning to a tight end role for the Rams, and is only now being exposed to, let alone demonstrating the ability, to perform blocking tasks inherent in a tight end role for a running game.

That part of his development will surely take time. We know it. The Rams had to realize it. But the decision was made to cross-train him over to the tight end position and see how he would fare as an undersized role that requires blocking that he really has less experience. Perhaps it was his nearly blank canvas that prompted a creative six-million-dollar-man moment

Harris was never going to be one or two on the tight end depth chart. But at the fifth position, he risks not making the team. If he indeed is waived with the intent of slipping over to the practice squad, he won’t make it past waivers. There have simply been too many eyes on the guy, too many teams out there with a spot to open up for someone who can deliver touchdowns in the red zone.

Hey, if the guy isn’t playing up to expectations, or isn’t panning out, then yes. Bury him on the depth chart. But few have noticed Brycen Hopkins so far, and it would be extremely disappointing to learn that the Rams are unable to make room for a player in a crowded tight end room after drafting him and crosstraining him to compete in that room.