LA Rams: One last look at the young receivers as training camp winds down

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Tutu Atwell

Despite the setback of spending 10 days under quarantine in a hotel room due to COVID-19, WR/PR Tutu Atwell still has the pole position among the new faces to land a roster spot. He was the first player selected by the LA Rams in the 2021 NFL Draft, which practically assures a spot on the team until the coaching staff exhaust all possibilities of a productive NFL career wearing the horns.

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Atwell is likely pound-for-pound one of the toughest players on the LA Rams roster.  But after learning that he is still just 155 pounds, and has great difficulty putting on additional weight, that feels a bit concerning. If he is injured, that concern will skyrocket.

Atwell has two paths to contribute to the LA Rams this season. With the dismissal of WR/KR/PR Nsimba Webster, Tutu Atwell automatically inherits the right to compete in the return units for Special Teams Coordinator Joe DeCamillis. While he has missed quite a bit, he still has time to compete, get up to speed, and show up in some preseason games to try and earn the starting return role.

But he also has an important role as understudy to veteran wide receiver DeSean Jackson. The chemistry between quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver DeSean Jackson has developed very quickly, and will likely continue to grow as they are both new additions to the offense. Atwell will be expected to fill in on those plays calling for a fast deep threat, particularly in games where DJax is getting plenty of work. The Rams simply have too many ways to use Atwell, so he will likely make the roster.

After the quarantine, Atwell has indeed been fast-tracking at punt returns and wide receiver. It’s clear that he is someone the coaches want to get up to speed.  Tutu Atwell is clearly this year’s roster replacement for Nsimba Webster. Or at least, that is how the roster is shaping up.