6 surprise starters from LA Rams first depth chart

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Okay, so no doubt you are digesting all of the news about the LA Rams’ proposed pre-pre season game starters. And if we were fortunate enough to attract your interest and investment of time, you are bursting with our recent article about the players who were surprise-omissions from that select group. Of course, it’s early, and first blush depth charts are written in pencil.

But the fact is that starters for LA Rams head coach Sean McVay don’t play in preseason games. That is because they are locked in for a roster spot for the 2021 NFL season. Locked and loaded. So the competition for the remaining spots is fought among the remaining 65 or so players, all of whom want every bit of playing time to showcase what they can do for the team in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, the players who got the nod at starting just got three paid vacation days. Sure, they need to show up and suit up. But they will be on the bench, chatting and relaxing while their teammates do all of the heavy-lifting by competing in the upcoming preseason games. Their role is secure, their job is safe, their career in the NFL will continue on past another off-ramp.

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So who are these players? Who are the men, the professional athletes, whose offseason workouts and training have elevated their game to the point of locking in a spot on this Rams roster? Well, rather than take you across the entire starting roster, let’s focus on a few players who were truly a bit of a surprise. Here are the six starters who clearly we didn’t see making the huge leap to starter stardom this quickly.