3 LA Rams players who earned their horns against Chargers

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Red zone receiver

There are many fans of the LA Rams, and the NFL at large, who are focused upon the numbers and statistics of professional football. They focus on statistics and production and who ranks where and how long will they stay there type of NFL drama.  But to ‘get’ all of the entertainment available in the LA Rams preseason games, you need to look in another direction. There are human interest stories bursting from each preseason game. Second-year wide receiver Trishton Jackson is that type of tale, as he is a receiver who fell out of the 2020 NFL Draft.

It was never a question of could he play in the NFL. It was simply an overabundance of talent at the wide receiver position, and someone had to pick up the rear. Projected as high as round three, T Jackson was signed as an undrafted rookie by the LA Rams. Like running back Xavier Jones, he curiously made the 53-man roster and was red-shirted, never to be heard from for the entire 2020 NFL season.

Oh, but you are going to hear from him this year if he has his way. In fact, you just did.

After he was added, Trishton Jackson drew remarkable parallels to that of Josh Reynolds. While a bit shorter than Reynolds, Jackson had equal if not better speed, ran a bit better route tree, and seems to have good hands so far. Oh, and he can catch a pass in the endzone. That is something that the LA Rams so desperately want from their receivers.

Jackson was targetted twice in the game and caught both passes.  The offense was very much a vanilla game plan, and that pretty much shrank the field and kept things close to the line of scrimmage for the Rams offense. This was a stratified passing attack. Most receivers ran short routes. But for Tutu Atwell and J.J. Koski, both players who will play behind DeSean Jackson, they ran deep routes and averaged over 10 yards-per-reception.

Jacob Harris was in his own unique category, and we’ll talk about him in an upcoming article. The Rams needed someone to score in the red zone, and Trishton Jackson did so with an incredibly deceptive route to the back of the end zone. He was on the 53-man roster a year ago. That score may have earned him a return to the 53-man roster this season.