LA Rams stadium christened with first SoFi-ght

(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

A fracas, slobberknocker, fisticuff broke out in the stands of the LA Rams pre-season opener versus the LA Chargers last night.

Call it the first So-Fight.

In the instant replay camera angles available to us mere laymen it is difficult to say with any certainty what caused the altercation to break out, escalate to a roiling brawl, become a melee and then erupt into some serious malice in the So-Fi Palace action, complete with at least one cup of liquids being chucked.

But here’s one observation: There can be no denying that whoever he is, we must give him this: In true Aaron Donald-like style, one man takes on several men. Just as his favorite player, All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald, takes on entire offensive lines at times (or so it seems.)

So the above was the first video of the, um “unscheduled event” I happened to watch.

First takeaway: What is up with the pugilist that starts punching the aggressor in his buttocks while the guy is down?

Second takeaway: Alcohol was a contributing factor.

Third takeaway: The dude was holding his own for a long time until he lost the higher ground and then it was curtains.

But later, I saw the battle royal as filmed from a different camera angle:

First and only takeaway: Ursula the Sea Witch walks among us.

I just hope everyone involved is identified by internal SoFi Stadium security camera footage and each and every person involved in the fight is barred for life.

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While that does seem like a rather knee-jerk reactionary stance, given the potential for something like this to escalate into a Bryan Stow-like nightmare scenario, the hammer of justice should come down as hard as possible on everyone involved. . . . and be wielded with a wide swath.