4 reasons why LA Rams claim waived QB Josh Rosen

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Waive bye-bye again Josh

You would think, after all that, that he would stick on the 49ers roster this season, right? Well, you would think wrong. Rosen made the calculated mistake by admitting that he was a bit unhappy that he wasn’t getting as many repetitions in practice as he might like. So the San Francisco 49ers gave him the chance to get more, somewhere else.

And for those of you who love to check out the statistics of a prospect, let’s just toss a few pertinent factoids out there. In his 20 NFL games, the young man has played for four different teams so far and learned three new offenses. While he never got a chance to play for the 49ers or the Buccaneers, his two seasons of NFL play were behind horrific NFL offensive lines.

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In 20 games, the guy was sacked 61 times. That averages over three quarterback sacks per game. That’s just not the kind of protection that affords an accurate reading of his ability to perform in the pocket. In fact, that amount of quarterback pressure may have triggered a bit of regression. Certainly playing for four different offenses in three NFL seasons is no help either. So why would this castoff be of any interest to the LA Rams? Ah, so glad you asked…