LA Rams: Jawboning/skirmish part of joint practice with Raiders

(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

The NFL has vowed to clamp down on taunting, to the point where it will be one of the more rigidly enforced penalties on the books this year. Of course, that all happens during the regular season. For now? Well, it’s practice. It’s opposing teams. It’s a warm day in pads. Let’s just call it what it is. Joint practice between two NFL teams. Today is the first day of the LA Rams hosting the Las Vegas Raiders at the LA Rams‘ second joint practice.

Coaches love joint practices and scrimmages. It’s a way to get in the work that can establish and synchronize the performances of starting players in a much more controlled environment that limits the demolition derby effect at the line of scrimmage that can result in devastating injuries to key starters. Of course, there are other positive reasons to like joint practices/scrimmages as well.

Twice as many coaches. Different playbooks. Facing off against new and unfamiliar opponents.  Of course, that will create an entirely new set of challenges. Challenges can create frustration. Frustration can spill over into physicality. Physicality, well you know… fighting, skirmish, fracas, fisticuffs, pugilists.  In short, altercations spring up that delay the action while coaches sort out the mess.

It is the first of two days of joint LA Rams and LV Raiders practices. But spirits rose quickly in this one. It all began with the special teams.

And then spirited exchanges carried over into the Raiders offense and Rams defense

Pretty soon, another fight broke out.

Hey, it’s another joint practice, and that is pretty much going to result in a fight somewhere. Either it’s a matter of pride as in who’s best? Or it’s a matter of furious desperation in the hopes to claim one of the last available roster spots.

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While it’s all harmless enough in joint practices and, from a coach’s perspective, may even be expected, it’s something that coaches and players will need to clamp down on to ensure no penalties are called in the regular season. That could prove to be difficult for some players in the NFL. Let’s hope the LA Rams veer clear from any taunting violations.