If I had my way with that OLine, and other LA Rams thoughts

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Okay, so the Rams may or may not be a bit behind the eight-ball in terms of building the chemistry among the five starting offensive linemen. Have the LA Rams gotten it right yet? I’m not convinced. The Rams need to run the ball. Running the ball creates the opportunities to unlock this offense. If the Rams are playing so heavily at third-and-ten that they are punting too often, the coaches must reconsider who is starting at the offensive line.

So if and when the LA Rams settle on the starting five, what do we know bout the way that the offensive line backups are shaking out? Well, I love what I am seeing from two young offensive tackles in Tremayne Anchrum at right tackle and AJ Jackson at left tackle. I’m not the only one either:

So who do we see shaping up in the middle of the offensive line? Well, if have my druthers, Coleman Shelton is the offensive center, I like Jordan Meredith at right guard, and left guard is either Chandler Brewer or Jeremiah Kolone.  Why do I continue to promote Coleman Shelton at the offensive center? Well, check out the performance of number 65 in the one-on-one drills.

Okay, we’ve covered quite a bit. Let’s wrap this up in a manner of clarifying what this all means