5 LA Rams players who need to show up vs. Raiders

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When the LA Rams drafted South Carolina’s inside linebacker Ernest Jones, the expectation of what role he might fill dropped anywhere from day one starter to falling off the 53-man roster and showing up on the 2021 practice squad. The truth likely falls somewhere between the two extremes.

There is just so much going on at the inside linebacker position for the LA Rams that rookie Ernest Jones needs to show up and revert the conversation back to him. There is plenty of buzz about the inside linebackers right now. Troy Reeder, Micah Kiser, Kenny Young, and even Travin Howard all have seen their names pop up in positive commentary in training camp reports.

LA Rams: The return of the inside linebacker and why that’s a good thing. light. Hot

This is the opportunity for Ernest Jones to step up and show that he has that same level of production and performance in him. Some reports have come out that indicate that Jones is not quite ready to defend against NFL passes over the middle. There is also a belief that the Rams run defense is lacking this year.

Nothing that an interception and a couple of big hits won’t fix, I say. The Rams have been lacking that enforcer in the middle of the defense. Sure, some guys are stepping up in terms of range and athleticism. But there is a lacking role for someone to step up like Gandalf the Grey did on the bridge when confronted by the Balrog in the Mines of Moria. Just one you-shall-not-pass run defender who plugs the hold and turns the ball over on downs. Is Ernest Jones such a thumper? It would be great if that is who he proves to be.