5 LA Rams players who need to show up vs. Raiders

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V: Tight End

Tight end Kendall Blanton seemed to be making positive ground in his quest to earn a roster spot and even a role on this LA Rams 2021 team. Reports were positive. The guy fits the type of football player who could do well for the team at tight end. Things were looking up for the guy. Until suddenly, they weren’t.

I continue to scratch my head as to why the early positive momentum about tight end Kendall Blanton has faded away. After all, Kendall Blanton has the physique of Atlas,  He stands 6-foot-6 and weighs in at 265 pounds. If that much football player is making a good play, someone surely would notice, right? Is it a football pads thing?

He was making plays, turning heads, and raising eyebrows in July.

But now with the pads on, he’s gone silent. He didn’t even show up in the box score from the Chargers game. That is just never a good sign. Is he good without pads, and then not so good with them? Did he get injured in such a way that he is on the field, but is hampered from putting on his best performance? Or was he riding some early adrenaline, that is no exhausted and his peak performance has run its course?

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Whatever the case, however, the situation has evolved to this point, Kendall Blanton must re-establish himself in the passing game as a legitimate pass-catching tight end. That means three or more catches, 40 or more yards. He has fallen onto the bubble where he could be waived as early as August 24. He needs a good game to avoid the waiver wire.