5 Rams tumbling down depth charts during the preseason

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The LA Rams roster has shrunk from 90 players to 85 players. In less than 48 hour’s time, the roster will shrink once more, from 85 to 80 players. While that may not seem overly depleting, this round of cuts is a bit more damning to a player’s career than either of the other two. The next round of cuts is the precursor to NFL teams signing up players for their practice squad.  The previous round puts players back into the talent pool, affording a headstart to find a new venue to showcase their football talents.

But the middle round of cuts, much like a middle child, is neither first nor last. That adds an extra layer of anonymity to anyone who falls into this category. For an NFL player, anonymity is the harbinger of a too-soon end to the dream of playing in the NFL. While there are plenty of headline players who enjoy long and storied NFL careers, the average career for NFL players is only 3.3 years. While that may seem short, keep in mind that many players who make the 90-man training camp roster are cut before the team ever gets to the regular season. The LA Rams, as the youngest team in the NFL, is the exception rather than the rule.

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Cutting down a roster to nearly half of its size is all part of the competitive nature of professional sports. But it’s also the most difficult and challenging element of the NFL as well. Making an NFL roster is no more of a guarantee to enjoying a long NFL career than getting called back for a second interview is a guarantee to a long career with that company.  It gets you closer. No more. No less.

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Five more LA Rams players now face that hiccup in their NFL careers. Some will find this to be an off-ramp to the football season. Others will find it to be just a break in the action, and will soon be flying to another city or country to resume their business on the football field. As training camp continues on in a new format, and as preseason games come and go, here are five players who are tumbling down the Rams depth chart: