LA Rams rushing revisions post Darrell Henderson injury

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Recalibrating the workload once more

If you are the LA Rams, this may have been the best time for a ding, dent, or ouchie to appear in terms of the Henderson this season.  The injury was more wake-up call than sideline setter. Even as the Rams have emphasized managing Darrell Henderson’s workload, eliminating him from any and all preseason games, and keeping a close eye on his health status, he still got injured.

Just to be clear folks, the Rams cannot make the physically violent sport of American football be any less violent to keep Henderson healthy. The team was already walking on eggshells, and as feared, the intense focus on keeping Henderson healthy has done nothing to keep him healthy.

In an article we had published two weeks ago, titled LA Rams: Running the ball means Funky Xs and Os, we laid out the most likely workload distribution for the 2021 NFL season.

Player             Carries      Yards   TDs
Henderson       140            700       6
Jones                  130            600       8
Funk                   100            420       4
Anderson            90             350       3

But after the experience of the first two preseason games, another injury to Darrell Henderson, and the likely arrival of another running back before the season starts, we now have enough information to tweak those projections a bit to make them a bit more realistic and aligned with what we now know.