LA Rams: Punter position goes from ‘No competition’ to ‘No decision’

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The LA Rams say a lot of things to an open microphone.  Over the course of time, you just have to know what is being said honestly, and what is being said to the public to assuage concerns.  If you had listened to any of the rhetoric dolled out by the organization over the history of either running back Todd Gurley or quarterback Jared Goff, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The LA Rams‘ own head coach Sean McVay ended the 2020 NFL season by pledging to infuse competition at all positions, even at quarterback. At the time, some discounted McVay’s statement out of passion and frustration at losing in the playoffs.  Others rationalized that the statement was a roundabout way of putting quarterback Jared Goff on notice that he was in hot water.

There was a lot of interpretation over the Rams head coach’s comments, but that all faded away as soon as the LA Rams traded for Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. But there was more to the story, and we dove directly into it.  In fact, as soon as the LA Rams signed punter Corey Bojorquez, we were talking about the mixed signals coming from the LA Rams organization in both word and deed.

From that moment, many concluded that Corey Bojorquez was added to be a camp body and perhaps an emergency punter in case the Rams needed one for the 2021 NFL season. That seemed to quiet the questions, squelch the interest, and temper the potential competition unfolding in the upcoming training camp.

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That’s not really how this is all playing out.