LA Rams: Punter position goes from ‘No competition’ to ‘No decision’

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“No decision”

There is a lot riding on the LA Rams decision now. Regardless of which punter the team selects, the other will not clear waivers and end up on the practice squad. While the Rams have long since benefitted from the performance of Johnny Hekker, the fact is that there are valid reasons why they remain uncommitted at this point.

Corey Bojorquez is younger. Corey Bojorquez is vastly cheaper. And Corey Bojorquez is at least as good if not better than Johnny Hekker at this stage of both players’ careers. How much cheaper? The LA Rams can offset the cost of running back Sony Michel by parting ways with Johnny Hekker. That’s how much cheaper.

So have the Rams truly reached a decision?  Well, this is what they’ve said:

Now keep in mind that the Dallas Cowboys would jump at the chance to get Johnny Hekker on their roster. And they might be willing to do so via trade if they do not like their chances of claiming him via the waiver wire. Of course, the same could be said about the likelihood to trade Corey Bojorquez if the Rams have opted to stick with Hekker.

It serves no one for the LA Rams to announce who has won their punting competition, but it does appear to be quite intriguing to discover that the LA Rams have held a punting competition in the first place, and vehemently denying that any competition even existed when the team signed Bojorquez.

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We’ll know soon enough. But the fact that it’s going down to the wire only benefits the chances of Corey Bojorquez. As far as all that denial?

Well…”The lady doth protest too much, methinks” – Willam Shakespeare