6 LA Rams who can can earn their roster spot against the Broncos

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Okay, it’s nearly the end of the preseason, and the Denver Broncos await the still winless LA Rams in the final preseason contest of the 2021 season. It’s the preseason finale, and optimism will never be quite as high for the team’s chances as just before the final preseason game. Regardless of the outcome, the last contest performances never quite seem to fulfill all of the pregame buildup and narrative. That’s okay. Nothing quite lives up to the brochure anyways (unless of course, you have the opportunity to live in Alaska, that beats the brochure hands down)

If your beverage of choice is not in ample supply and chillin’, you will need to ensure that you make a run to the grocery store for your favorite brew, vintage, sodas, flavored waters, or spirits. But not until you read this one to the end. Why?  Well, if I tell you now, that will ruin the surprise.

The LA Rams have a number of players who can and would start on any NFL team in the 32 team league. We know that. There are many players who will end up on the LA Rams roster and practice squad who would not make it on other teams. Is it because they are that bad? Not at all. The LA Rams simply exhibit more patience, have a finer eye, and boast good coaches that combine to deliver NFL serviceable, if not good, talent from the cracks and crevices of the talent pool that other teams tend to avoid.

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Why are the LA Rams so special? Well, it’s all born out of the need to deliver a fully functional NFL roster while committing a significant portion of the payroll to just a few players on the team. The organization can justify that stratification because, in all honesty, it’s the play of the team’s elite players that have elevated the level of play for everyone on the football field with the Rams.