6 LA Rams who can can earn their roster spot against the Broncos

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Tight end

The LA Rams added Jacob Harris via the 2021 NFL Draft and then designated him as a tight end to improve his chances of success for the LA Rams and for the NFL at large. Why? He is incredibly raw, but he has been gifted with speed, height, and a football skillset that may expect to elevate his play to very good to elite play.

Why this player?

The 6-foot-5 211-pound rookie receiver is incredibly athletic and has been making a name for himself in training camp and preseason games. He’s caught five of ten passes thrown his way for 45 yards and a touchdown.

What should you be looking for?

The fact that Jacob Harris is a bit raw is the only thing that has been holding him back. So far he’s caught just 50 percent of the passes thrown his way. He’ll need to do much better to get a lock on a roster spot. Look for better use of his hands catching and the way he fights for the ball, Harris has exploited mismatches against opposing secondaries, and that should continue against the Broncos.

What constitutes a great game?

Harris is very impressive in the way he creates mismatches on the field, and if he could get to a 70 percent or better completion rate in this one, that would be awesome. Jacob Harris is the type of player who likely will progress slowly. That may frustrate some who see all the potential and the optimistic chatter and want it all now. His metamorphosis into an NFL star won’t happen overnight. If he puts up four out of five catches for 70+ yards and a touchdown, that’s a great game.