LA Rams Matt Gay booming 54 yard FG proves he is still starter

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

There were whispers, perhaps you didn’t hear them, of concerns about the LA Rams kicking game. After finding a suitable kicker after shuffling through five players in 2020, the team was eager to start the season with the placekicker Matt Gay. But the LA Rams don’t always do things easily.

The preseason started with a missed extra point after a penalty pushed the LA Rams back ten yards. And the following week, the LA Rams kicker Gay missed a field goal because it was blocked on the defensive line of scrimmage. So after two preseason games, Matt Gay had missed an extra point and a field goal. That was enough to give an already nervous fanbase the jitters.

There is more. He has kicked off twice, and both times Gay has not allowed a kick return in the first half. While points on the board matter to fans and certainly to Fantasy Football team owners, coaches love to have a kicker who can consistently boot it into the endzone and set up the defense with 75 yards to go.

This was the type of game that the Rams needed from the kicking game. Even punter Corey Bojorquez has shown a bit of prowess, averaging 53.0 yards in the first half with no punt returns. Combined, the Denver Broncos have put up zero return yards on the Rams in the first half. That’s a great way to launch the season for the Rams special teams, particularly for the coverage units.

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The LA Rams have put up six points on the Denver Broncos’ starting defense. Matt Gay has been stellar in kickoffs. And Corey Bojorquez has punted for 154 yards with no returns, He pooched one to the Denver Broncos one-yard line just before the half.

We may be seeing the end of the Johnny Hekker era with this performance by Corey Bojorquez, folks.

UPDATE: After a strip-sack and fumble recovery by DL Michael Hoecht, Matt Gay booted a 30-yard field goal, his third of three attempts, to give the Rams nine points heading into halftime.