How does Matthew Stafford affect the LA Rams 53-man roster?

Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports /
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Matthew Stafford
Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports /

As the LA Rams contemplate paring their roster from 80 players down to the 53-man limit, there are a lot of variables at work right now. But perhaps one of the aspects of the team’s construction of a suitable and cohesive offense is directly impacted by the presence of veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford.  And while he is probably one of the biggest influences of the team’s 2021 roster construction, nobody is saying a lot about how he will change the Rams’ dynamics this year.

Well, if you have been reading out articles for any length of time, you know that if we can’t find any information on a topic, we will dive into it and try to uncover some information about it and then share it with our readers.  This particular topic, however, will prove to be a bit evasive. The very task of trying to report on how Matthew Stafford will impact the LA Rams roster implies some amount of prognostication.

That’s particularly challenging when there are so many variables to consider. All the while, the Rams have a host of new positional coaches, a renewed focus and intensity from LA Rams head coach Sean McVay to make the offense more dangerous and explosive this year, and a new Special Teams Coordinator in Joe DeCamillis who clearly has had his fingerprints all over the Rams 2021 NFL Draft and undrafted rookie signings.

Still, we remain undaunted. There is a piece of this puzzle that belongs to Stafford, and we are intent to find it. So how about it? What does the presence of Stafford mean to the LA Rams as the team tries to build their best version possible?  Well, we know a few things: