LA Rams RB Sony Michel no. 25 aims at career high season

Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports /

Amidst the heavy-hitting stories about the LA Rams 53 rostered players, 27 released players, and then 17 (16 +1 IPP) players added to the team’s practice squad. That’s a lot of team’s transactions to read about, a huge number of players to become familiar with, and simply a lot of heavy mental lifting packed into three different yet vital events for the Rams.

And the calendar says it’s only September 3rd.  So what’s say we back of the accelerator a bit right now, and detour down a rather simple story. Something with less bite, a bit of human interest, a minor story to take the heat off so many roster moves over the past 72 hours or so?

So here we go, a story about new running back Sony Michel, and his quest to get his jersey number changed. He was jersey number 26 when he played for the New England Patriots. He was jersey number 14 when he first arrived on the LA Rams roster.  But now, after the release of injured player Xavier Jones, jersey number 25 just freed up.

Well, freed up long enough for new running back Sony Michel to claim it as his own. So what does that look like?

Newly acquired RB Sony Michel will be counted upon by the LA Rams to serve as half of the one-two punch in the running game along with teammate Darrell Henderson.  The fact that he will be joining another rotational role in a high octane offense should suit Michel quite well. Let’s check out the LA Rams thought process as to why the team agreed to trade for Sony Michel:

The Rams were not just adding Sony Michel’s production, but rather clearly were claiming his big game production in big games. That is clearly due to the organization’s belief that this team will compete in the NFL Playoffs this year.

Well, to do so, the LA Rams offense will need Sony Michel’s help in the running game. He will be, at the minimum, the equivalent to the role vacated by veteran Malcolm Brown. Brown converted 101 carries into 419 yards and five touchdowns. He also caught 23 of 33 passes for an additional 169 yards of offense.

Michel’s range in this Rams offense, with the added 17th game, will likely run from 130-250 carries this season, and from 433-1100 yards on the ground. As far as scores? He could put up from four to ten touchdowns. Now the question is, will Michel deliver that level of production?

Unlike 2020, Michel’s performance in the Rams offense this year will be more similar to his 2018 or 2019 seasons when he flirted with 1000 yards rushing in each of his first two years. While he may not set a career-high mark, he will help the Rams offense balance their strong passing attack with enough ground gains to force defenses to stop the run as well.

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Sony Michel has suited up in jersey number 25 for the LA Rams 2021 NFL season. With the season starting in just nine days, he may have a limited role in the offense at first. But he should eventually familiarize himself to allow the full playbook to be used. How optimistic are you over RB Sony Michel this season?