LA Rams: Two Aggies rookies can play major roles in Rams success

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Thrift shopping for offensive linemen

The LA Rams did not draft a single offensive lineman in the 2021 NFL Draft. That had incensed many fans, puzzled many analysts, and confused many draftniks (persons who follow the NFL draft intently).  But is it more important to draft a player to say that the team used the NFL Draft? Or is it more important for the team to reinforce the offensive line, no matter how they do so?

In the case of the LA Rams? Perhaps more attention should be directed to the latter? The team added undrafted offensive tackle AJ Jackson out of Iowa, the highest-graded offensive tackle on the draft board who went undrafted. And then, to emphasize the point, the team doubled down by adding the highest-graded offensive guard on the draft board who went undrafted.

light. Must Read. There's something about LA Rams' practice squad addition Jared Hocker…

While undrafted, Jared Hocker was lauded for his collegiate production. After all, the 6-foot-6 327-pound powerhouse was infamous for moving people out of his way. That included whether they wanted to be moved or not.

The Texas A&M offensive line, the best in the nation from 2020 had a lot going for them. They were good because they learned how to synchronize their play. That is exactly what the LA Rams want to evolve with their offensive line going forward.

I don’t think that it’s any small coincidence that the two rookie offensive linemen added to the LA Rams roster are both huge and very experienced. The team’s first forage into bolstering their offensive line with A.J. Jackson resulted in such impressive results that the team went that route a second time to add Hocker.

This one slipped under the radar of most, simply because Hocker didn’t hear his name called on Day Three of the 2021 NFL Draft. But don’t let that fool you, folks. The LA Rams are perhaps the most heavily invested team into developing quality players for a future role, and Jared Hocker is a quality offensive guard. Now, who will he face during the week? None other than former teammate defensive lineman Bobby Brown III, that’s who.