LA Rams: Two Aggies rookies can play major roles in Rams success

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Diesel locomotive meets atomic reactor

Bobby Brown III became one of the most proficient defensive linemen in college football. He had to be to survive. You see, he practiced against the best offensive line in college football. And as the adage goes: “Iron sharpens iron”. After all, college game day seemed like a vacation after spending all week against huge powerful offensive linemen.

But Brown was a college force-to-be-reckoned with himself. That’s is what got him noticed by the LA Rams personnel department. And it’s why the LA Rams drafted him. You see, Bobby Brown was like a diesel locomotive in the middle of the defensive front. But he was playing alongside an atomic reactor now:

Was all of that shock and awe of a young defensive lineman meeting his lifelong hero too much for Brown? Let’s just say it was a noteworthy incentive. So how did he do in training camp? Pretty well, actually. Very well would be more accurate.

Bobby Brown III earned a place on the LA Rams roster and had to face some of the stiffest competition in the NFL to do so. That’s the nature of the NFL. Must like a crab or snake, the team must grow a bit by shedding some of the former players and adding new ones. In 2020, the Rams starting defensive line was Aaron Donald, Sebastian Joseph Day, and Michael Brockers. In 2021, the LA Rams starting offensive line will likely shake out at Aaron Donald, Sebastian Joseph Day, and A’Shawn Robinson. In 2022, the starting defensive line could be Aaron Donald, Bobby Brown III, and A’Shawn Robinson.

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Brown will have his shots in 2021. He will rotate in and get a taste of the NFL. But this isn’t a Marvel superhero movie. He will learn as we all do. Sometimes he will make the play. Other times he will fail to do so and will learn from the experience. Neither are ‘there’ just yet, but I’m confident that both soon will be.