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Future starter?

Perhaps one of the reasons that the LA Rams did not dive headfirst into the 2021 NFL Draft to shop for offensive linemen is simply because the incoming coach wanted to confirm what type of players and who he had already on the team. After all, Jared Hocker is now just the third player added under OL Coach Kevin Carberry’s watch.

In fact, he is one of two offensive linemen additions since the changing of the guard and reflects the team’s new philosophy of big-bodied offensive linemen.  Hocker is indeed huge, and he definitely has that “violent burst” feel to him. While he is a practice squad player today, that is the perfect spot from which to compete for a roster spot in 2022. Why? Well, the team will need blockers then.

While the LA Rams offense under head coach Sean McVay is known as an aggressive passing offense, it continues to be heavily founded upon a solid rushing attack. In fact, the better the Rams running game performs, the better the team performs.

When the Rams welcome back running backs Cam Akers and Xavier Jones in 2022, they will both need road graders to lead the charge.

By that time, Jared Hocker should be ready to go. The team has a solid pair of young bookend offensive tackles in AJ Jackson and Tremayne Anchrum.  Adding a promising young offensive guard could prove to be a very important addition to the team’s developing players. With a new offensive line coach on staff, that affords the team the crucial opportunity to prepare new offensive linemen for roles in what’s to come.

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It may be that Jared Hocker will not elevate his play to achieve the next level. But don’t count him out just yet. Much of the success in the NFL is about the opportunity. From that standpoint, Jared Hocker will be given the time, the coaching, and the opportunity to succeed. It’s what the LA Rams do better than other NFL teams, give undrafted players the chance to shine in the NFL.