LA Rams DB Darious Williams playing for 2022 payday

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Whoever lines up opposite LA Rams All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey, can count on two things: First, he will see plenty of passes thrown his way. Secondly, he had better be very good at shaking off any mental mistake, which requires the utmost confidence. Not only does defending a pass in the NFL involves a lot of communication, but it is one of the most mentally demanding positions on the football field. Defensive back Darious Williams learned all of this first-hand in 2020. Now, what does that all mean?

Well, it’s the one position where the results are graded individually on the defense. Completed passes not only track for the quarterback and the receiver. Passes are tracked and recorded against the defensive back as well. In short, defensive backs are scored on all plays that they should have made. Those criteria are pretty intense because only quarterbacks are measured to that level of scrutiny.

But that is the level of scrutiny required to confirm just how proficient LA Rams defensive back Darious Williams plays. He has been a true diamond defensive back, and one of the most curious facts is that the LA Rams pulled him off of the Baltimore Ravens waiver wire with a 2018 claim. He had the chance to start three games for the Rams in 2019. From that point on, the Rams never looked back.

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You might say that Darious Williams exceeded expectations while playing in the Rams secondary. But wouldn’t that require expectations to be set? The Rams truly have had no such preconceived notions. They sent Williams onto the field because he was healthy and the team needed a cornerback on the football field to play opposite Troy Hill. Williams kinda stole the spotlight.