LA Rams draft picks: 2022 NFL Draft and into the future

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LA Rams draft
LA Rams draft /

2023 NFL Draft

OF course, beyond the 2022 NFL Draft, the LA Rams draft picks are a bit more difficult to project. Much of the action in terms of moving draft picks into the vault have come from the organization’s willingness to develop replacement players and allow proficient veterans to test the free-agent market. The team allowed many players to do so in 2021, netting them a projected maximum complement award of four (plus one) compensatory draft picks

After what appears to be a wholesale roster turnover at both the offensive line and inside linebacker positions in 2022, hopefully, the Rams will have a quieter time of drafting in 2023. It feels to me that the Rams front office is best suited to find value at each draft pick, then the impression obtained when the process seems to be steered toward more offensive weapons.

It’s the likelihood of several potential free agents in 2022 who could set the LA Rams 2023 NFL Draft up for a huge harvest of rookie talent. The team projected 2022 free agents include DB Darious Williams, DT Sebastian Joseph Day, OL Austin Corbett, RB Sony Michel, WR DeSean Jackson, and PK Matt Gay.

Round 1 – TRADED. The LA Rams have tentatively traded their 2023 first-round pick to the Detroit Lions for quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Round 2– The Rams hold their second-round pick.
Round 3 – The Rams hold their third-round pick.
Round 4 – TRADE: The Rams have traded away their fourth-round pick as the final compensation for acquiring running back Sony Michel from the New England Patriots.

Round 5 – The Rams hold their fifth-round pick.
Round 6 – The Rams hold their sixth-round pick.
Round 6 – ACQUIRED VIA TRADE: The Rams have traded for the right to swap their 2023 seventh-round pick for the Green Bay Packers sixth-round pick

Round 7 – TRADE: The Rams will swap out their seventh-round pick.

Round 7 – The LA Rams will receive the Detroit Lions 2023 seventh-round draft picks as part of the exchange which sent DL Michael Brockers to the Lions.

COMPENSATORY PICKS: Unable to determine at this time

The final estimated tally is as follows: second round – 1 (one), third round – 1 (one), fourth-round – 0 (zero), fifth-round – 1 (one), sixth-round – 2 (two), seventh-round – 1 (one). Total – 6 (six)
The final tally for the LA Rams 2023 NFL Draft right now stands at six. That could increase as projections become available for the Rams awarded compensatory draft picks for the 2023 NFL Draft.