LA Rams Aaron Donald on hunt to become franchise best sacker

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All-Time QB sack leaders

The LA Rams franchise All-Time quarterback sack leaders list at Pro Football has been revised recently to include the statistics of historic Rams players, including the indomitable production of former LA Rams Deacon Jones who tops all with a tremendous 159.5 quarterback sacks. But Aaron Donald has been slowly climbing up the ladder, and now stands as the franchise’s fifth All-Time quarterback sack leader at 85.5. A similar database at has not been updated with historic figures.

But if he gets two or more on Sunday Night Football, he could tie or leapfrog the current fourth-place holder Leon Little at 87.5.  A standard productive year for Donald will get him somewhere on or about 13+ quarterback sacks.  At that pace, he will need five more NFL seasons to challenge the LA Rams All-Time Franchise QB sack leader Deacon Jones at 159.5

The current Top-10 QB sack leaders are as follows:
Name                           Sacks
Deacon Jones              159.5
Jack Youngblood         151.5
Merlin Olsen                   91.0
Leonard Little                 87.5
Aaron Donald                 85.5
Larry Brooks                   74.5
Fred Dryer                       74.0
Kevin Greene                  72.5
Kevin Carter                    62.5
Robert Quinn                  62.5

Bold denotes active players on the LA Rams’ current roster.

Right now, Donald shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, 2020 was his second-most productive season, falling short of his tremendous 2018 campaign.  While younger players may be challenged with the fact that the Rams are playing for their third defensive coordinator in three seasons, that may be refreshing Donald’s ability to play in a new scheme and give entirely new looks to offenses that are tasked with stopping Donald.