5 LA Rams offseason moves worse than extending Floyd over JJIII

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Fair compensation

But where the true artwork begins is in 2023. It is then that the contract becomes completely severable in 2023 for the LA Rams with no guarantees or penalties. So, in essence, the contract looks like a four-year deal but is actually a two-year deal with an average salary cap impact of $16.25 million over two years.

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For a veteran outside linebacker in today’s market? That’s a good bargain. Leonard Floyd (55 tackles, 10.5 sacks) was in the same range as Tenessee Titans’ Bud Dupree (31 tackles and 8 sacks) and New England Patriots Matt Judon (50 tackles, 6 sacks).  So the ‘overpriced’ claim holds no water.

The other part of his piece cites the fact that the LA Rams should have retained safety John Johnson III. While I’m certain that every fan wanted to keep the popular JJIII, the team had already made moves to prepare for his departure. The team had Taylor Rapp waiting in the wings to take over and had drafted both Jordan Fuller and Terrell Burgess in 2020 to add to the team’s depth. Surprisingly, it was the 199th picked Fuller who stepped up out of nowhere and claimed a starting role as a rookie in 2020.

The team also has promising reinforcements at the position in J.R. Reed, Nick Scott, and Juju Hughes. Truth be told, the safety position is one of the deepest and most talented units on the team. While nobody cheered at the parting of ways between the LA Rams and John Johnson III, it didn’t surprise many. The Rams do not pay top dollar for the safety position. John Johnson III was just a great player in the wrong position.

Now, I’m not touting the Rams front office. They are very good, but there were.. how shall we say it… missed opportunities that would have been both more accurate and