5 LA Rams offseason moves worse than extending Floyd over JJIII

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V: Waiver wire

When running back Cam Akers was lost for the season due to a torn Achilles Tendon, the LA Rams were expected to reinforce the running back ranks. But after the team had an injury scare with running back Darrell Henderson, lost fellow running back Raymond Calais to a foot injury, and then lost running back Xavier Jones to a torn Achilles Tendon, the matter was upgraded from claiming a suitable running back to trading for the perfect replacement running back.

While I completely understand the concept of trading for veteran running back Sony Michel, I was a bit disappointed at the Rams front office when they did not claim forme New York Giants and San Francisco running back Wayne Gallman off waivers. He has since signed on with the Atlanta Falcons, where he will serve as a back running back and help out on special teams.

The reason why he was so very intriguing as a potential player for the LA Rams? The Rams need depth at running back and help on special teams. As we had discussed a week ago at his release, Wayne Gallman offers the downhill type of running that the team needs for short-yardage and red-zone situations. While not a heavily-used running back, he did put up 338 rushes for 1,444 yards and six touchdowns in four seasons worth of work with the Giants. He was also a prolific receiver, catching 80 of 112 passes for 498 yards and two touchdowns.

No, Gallman was not THE answer for the Rams running back shortage. But he was an inexpensive component to what may have become the solution for the Rams. I like Sony Michel and love his potential to flourish in this Rams offense. But I would have liked the combination of adding both Sony Michel and Wayne Gallman that much better.