How low can LA Rams defense go and still make a SB run?

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Best defensive strategy to win an NFL Championship game

I don’t think that fundamentally detailed conclusions can be drawn from this, but we can form some generally correct observations. In short, the Super Bowl chances for the LA Rams do not historically depend upon have the best statistical defense in the NFL, but rather a very good defense. It also appears that a defense that is stingy about giving up points is far better to focus upon than a defense that is tough to move the ball upon (which kind of makes sense when you think about it).

Finally, there are some rumblings about the concerns of the Rams defense under new defensive coordinator Raheem Morris. Just as a quick review, the Atlanta Falcon defense that folded in the second half of games was more about head coach Dan Quinn (the Dallas Cowboys’ new defensive coordinator) than Raheem Morris. Once the Falcons fired Quinn, and Morris stepped in as interim head coach after an 0-5 start to the season, the Falcons went on a 4-2 run before the team lost their final five games.

Prior to that coaching switch, the Falcons were surrendering  32.2 points per game. After the coaching change, the Falcons surrendered just 23 points per game for the remaining 11 games. 23 points per game would have finished 13th best in the NFL in 2020. That is a defense without Aaron Donald or Jalen Ramsey.

In the end, there is enough historic evidence to conclude that should the LA Rams defense regress somewhat in 2020, that unto itself will not prevent the LA Rams from winning a Super Bowl. Championship teams need to play well in all aspects of the game, and the LA Rams are no different. That[‘s why the Rams have focused upon improving their offense and special teams this year.

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It’s the offense that scores the points that ultimately wins games. Defenses serve to protect the lead and seal the win. The key to success in 2021 is more upon the shoulders of the offense to score points this year. Hopefully, that will come in unison with a marked improvement in the special team’s areas of returns and coverage. If those areas improve significantly, the Rams will be just fine if the defense slides a bit this year.

Will the Rams defense regress? Perhaps. It’s not written in stone nor is it a foregone conclusion. In the end, the success of the Rams season is more dependant upon getting better in other areas than in remaining a Top-ranked defense.