What if…? The LA Rams Matthew Stafford era is better than expected?

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The supporting cast

Everyone in Hollywood California knows what it takes to make a blockbuster. Do the LA Rams have such a roster filled with the type of players who can win a championship game? I would dare to say that this team very much does. To this date, this offense has worked because almost everyone on the football field knows their role and tries to do a little bit more. It’s a team effort and mindset that takes the field each week.

Rams wide receivers Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp and similar and yet different. The pair have combined for over 7,640 yards and 43 touchdowns over the past four NFL seasons on the team. But as good as they are, they are never mentioned among the best receivers in the NFL. In many circles, they are considered to be outside of the NFL’s top 20 receivers. In a span of 2019-2020, both receivers have played on the same team and have averaged more than 1000 yards per season. But neither is among the Top 20?

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Tight end Tyler Higbee put up 522 yards in December 2019. That was one of the NFL’s most dominating displays for a receiver, whether tight end or wide receiver, in its history. And yet few even know who Tyler Higbee is or what team he plays for. He split his targets with teammate Gerald Everett, who now plays for the Seattle Seahawks and is getting a far more optimistic reception than Higbee this season.

The LA Rams have a very versatile running back Darrell Henderson, who proved to be quite dangerous in both the running game and passing game in 2020. He is joined by New England Patriots running back Sony Michel, who has flirted with a 1000 yard season twice in his young career, despite rotating in and out of the backfield rather quickly.

And then, to top everything off, the Rams have added veteran DeSean Jackson. While some believe he will be on the bench injured three-fourths of the season, he still has the jets to blow the back end of the defense out. When he is not on the field, second-year receiver Van Jefferson will be, and he has been creating a lot of buzz with his ability to handle the Stafford-slung footballs.

Head coach Sean McVay worked with Jackson at the Washington Football Team and knows his capabilities and injury history. He has a plan for DeSean Jackson and all of the LA Rams weapons.