What if…? The LA Rams Matthew Stafford era is better than expected?

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The plot thickens

That all sounds well and good, but it’s all theory, right? Nobody is really of the opinion that Stafford can win in the regular season with this LA Rams team, are they? That may be true of the timid, but it’s not the universal consensus. While so many are unwilling to jump into the deep end of the optimism pool, a few of the most respected NFL analysts have done so. Take NBC Sports NFL Analyst Peter King, who has already gone on record to assert that LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford could be the first quarterback to throw for 6000 yards in one season.

When challenged by some disbeliever on social media, Peter King himself responded and doubled down on his comment. It seems that anyone who voices upside over the fit of Stafford and his ability to flourish in the LA Rams offense is quickly met with harsh reactions, as we discovered for ourselves when touting Stafford has the potential to shatter LA Rams All-TIme single-season passing records this year. But Peter King did not back down either.

Stafford brings the other part to the Rams offense, the part that many, myself included, believes was missing until now. He is a competitor. He is not perfect, and yes that means that he will make an errant throw. But he gets back into the pocket and delivers touchdowns. In 12 previous NFL seasons, he’s thrown for 282 touchdowns,144 interceptions, and 70 fumbles. That’s an average of 24 touchdowns,12 interceptions, and seven fumbles per year The LA Rams former quarterback, Jared Goff, threw 107 touchdowns, 55 interceptions, and 42 fumbles over the past 5 seasons, averaging 21 touchdowns,11 interceptions, and nine fumbles per season.  Too similar?

Stafford has had 45 touchdowns and 22 turnovers in the past two seasons. Goff had 42 touchdowns and 46 turnovers in the past two seasons. Stafford got better. The question now is, has Stafford improved so much over his career that he can deliver everything that this offense is capable of?

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You see, that’s the funny thing about blockbuster hits. You simply put the right leading star with the right supporting cast, hand them a great script, and then let the magic happen. Grab some popcorn, don’t be a downer, and just sit back and enjoy the show.