LA Rams aerial assault carpet bombing Bears secondary on SNF

Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports /

If LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford had read any of the articles written about him before the season began, he didn’t let on. In fact, throughout OTAs and training camp, Stafford downplayed his own potential in this offense, and instead focused on the talented receivers he would be throwing to. Well, then the season happened.

If you were worried about the LA Rams‘ struggles to run in the preseason, well your concerns seem to be well-founded.  The Rams rushing attack is about as effective as spitballs against an armored tank. That was what many feared. and it seems to be a lingering challenge. Well, it’s good that Matthew Stafford wasn’t used to a lot of run support with the Detroit Lions.  He certainly isn’t getting any in his debut with the LA Rams offense.

But he doesn’t need much time to put up points. Let’s take a look:

The first touchdown in the first half took 1:18 to put seven points on the board. That drive was capped off by a 67-yard touchdown bomb to second-year wide receiver Van Jefferson.

The second touchdown scored in the second half took 1:08 to put another seven points on the board. That drive was topped off by a 58-yard touchdown to veteran wide receiver Cooper Kupp.

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The third touchdown scored in the second half took 2:55 to put up the third seven points on the scoreboard. While the touchdown was a Darrell Henderson one-yard burst into the endzone, the play was set up by a 37-yard bomb to tight end Tyler Higbee down the right sideline. A second play was a 17-yarder to Cooper Kupp.

57. 27. 51. Final. 14

The Rams lead by a score of 27-14. The LA Rams offense has had the football by 15:44. The Chicago Bears, late in the third quarter have already had the ball for 27:57. That’s terribly lopsided and to be honest, is going to crush the defense by mid-season. Stafford is 17 of 22 for 295 yards and two touchdowns with time running out in the third quarter.