Colin Cowherd ranks LA Rams as top NFL team after week one

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Be aggressive

The LA Rams have been a bit aggressive in any transactions that involve trading first-round draft picks for a veteran who is already producing at a superstar level.  A recent podcast interview/ conversation between the Rams General Manager Les Snead and sports analyst Colin Cowherd focuses on that aggressiveness, and it is a perfect bit of complimentary information after Stafford’s debut.

The answer to the question of how aggressive Les Snead is was a good view into the mindset of the life of an NFL general manager. Snead answered as expected. In real life, Les Snead is not a believer in extreme sports. Snead sees the need for aggression in the NFL because there are 32 teams that are all out to be number one. In a highly competitive field, aggressiveness gives the opportunity to grab an advantage.

Snead applies a differing algorithm. He understands that it’s not a function of quality, but rather quantity, in the NFL Draft. That is how he succeeds late in the NFL Draft, the LA Rams look for players with preset characteristics.  In the willingness to trade first-round picks, the Rams approach that with an understanding that packaging two first-round picks with a 50 percent probability of getting a star together is worth grabbing a 100-percent proven star player.

Snead goes on to discuss the impact of losing position coaches to other teams whenever an NFL team generates positive progress. It’s the fact of life for the LA Rams, who have lost an incredible number of coaches, coordinators, and now executives, to other teams after a successful season. This past season, the Rams lost several key defensive coaches and defensive coordinator Brandon Staley after the Rams earned the Top NFL defense of 2020.