LA Rams new defense has powered up Jalen Ramsey even further

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

If we applauded when the former LA Rams defensive coordinator, Bradon Staley, worked to unleash All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald upon the NFL, then we can certainly sit up and take notice as the current Rams defensive coordinator, Raheem Morris. is unleashing All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey on the NFL this year. You see, a year ago, it was Aaron Donald who picked his spots, sliding up and down the defensive front to keep offenses guessing and giving him the advantage of creating havoc on the line of scrimmage.

That seemed to work out pretty well.

So why not double down in 2021?  Use the same ‘pick your spot’ concept, but this time unleash the other All-Pro on the defense, defensive back Jalen Ramsey? To do that, the LA Rams have allowed Ramsey to line up on wide receivers, tight ends, and elect to play a rogue defensive back inside (also known as the star position), or to assume a traditional spot as the defensive back on the outside.

Wait… why am I trying to explain it, when the best in the business, NFL analyst Brian Baldinger, does it so passionately and eloquently.

It’s the creative use of the best players on the field that continues to keep the LA Rams defense unpredictable, and therefore, tough to analyze before the snap. And that’s the art of effective defenses. Any hesitation that coverage forces on the quarterback give the passer that much more to figure out before making a throw. That delay allows the pass rush to get to the quarterback.

Did you notice that the LA Rams had three sacks on Sunday Night Football?

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Of course, it’s a gamble. Pulling Ramsey off the best receiver can sometimes allow the quarterback to pass to the best pass catcher without Ramsey in coverage. It’s the reality folks. Jalen Ramsey can only be in one place. But by mixing it up, the offense now must determine where both Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey are playing with each offensive snap.

And it’s working. How do I know? Jalen Ramsey record seven tackles against the Chicago Bears. That is more tackles than he made in any game in 2020. And it ties his high mark since playing for the Rams, back in 2019 when he made seven tackles against the Cincinnati Bengals.